I was indifferent to photography until I travelled to Iceland for the first time in mid-2013. After that trip I thought it would be nice to capture the beauty I see in the world during my travels. With that, I got myself a second-hand camera and, with Google and a friend’s help, learnt to make half-decent photos.

In 2014 I moved to the Netherlands from Singapore to enrol in a master’s programme. I started this blog to give my family back home a glimpse into what I was up to and what my life was like on the European continent. Two years later I graduated and got a job in Amsterdam, marking my transition from an international student to an expat.

Nowadays I no longer have to worry about such concepts as homework, exams and class participation credits. (Phew!) Unfortunately, I do have to worry about taxes, bills and my future. But the nice thing about paying taxes is that I always have some money left over to travel, and when I do, I have the opportunity to capture the scenes I encounter with my trusty camera.

In the years since I first landed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I’ve thankfully got better at photography and have had the privilege to visit many places both within and outside the Netherlands. This blog has subsequently been populated with images documenting these travels.

I hope you’ll enjoy my photos as much as I’ve enjoyed making them! 🙂


All images © 2014–2021 Ian Koh

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