Church of St John in Grund

One of the many churches in Luxembourg, this one was built in 1606. I didn’t go inside, but have read that the church’s interior is noteworthy. Frankly I’m a little indifferent as to whether the inside of the church is worth seeing or not. After a while churches in Europe start looking the same. (That said, this church’s exterior is admittedly different from the Gothic style that I’m more used to seeing in the Netherlands and Germany.)

Elevated view of Church of Saint John in Grund in Luxembourg City.


  • What a terrific composition – I love the fact that the image contains all these straight-edged architectural forms but the whole scene seems to swirl around in curves.

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    • Thank you! I think you get that quite a lot in Luxembourg City, because it’s built on hilly ground and some of the differences in height can be quite dramatic. That way you see the landscape curving about, while buildings and their straight lines and right angles stand in contrast to the organic shapes surrounding them.

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