The Moat

The city of Utrecht used to have a moat (or a singel) surrounding its centre. When I first moved here they were trying to restore this moat, and the portion that is currently pictured was under construction. The work was finished not too long ago and they’ve allowed the water to flow back into the canal/moat. In the summer you can also see tour boats and kayaks cruising through the waterway.

I’ve also seen people swimming to the fountain and trying to stop the water from flowing. On the grassy field – on the right – many people have picnics there when the sun’s shining, and I can smell barbecues as I walk past.

Anyway, it has been a few months since my previous post. Work has kept me very busy and I’ve not been able to head out to make photos – also I’ve not been too interested in photography these days. But, I think it’s always good to do something completely different to what one does during the work week, and so I’m trying to get back in the habit of making, editing and posting photographs.

But this time, I also want to focus on quality, which means that I’ll reduce the number of photos uploaded per post, as well as the amount of text. I’m also lifting my self-imposed restriction of posts on Tuesday mornings. If you’ve been checking this space from time to time, only to not see anything new since October 2019, then thanks for bearing with me.


  • It’s a lovely photograph, showing the beauty of the moat and the way people enjoy it. We saw similar scenes in Leiden, and they were such an important part of the town. (We even got to stay in an airbnb on the singel!) I’m glad this part of Utrecht is being cared for.


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