One Sunday Morning in Leiden

One cold October morning last year, I decided to go to Leiden to make some photos. It had been at least two years since I last visited the city – I couldn’t quite believe how quickly time went by! The city centre was quiet since most people were sleeping, and I enjoyed making these images in the chill (literally) and calm atmosphere.

Pigeons flying over a drawbridge in Leiden, with a domed church in the background.
Narrow cobblestone walkway with house entrances on the left and a brick wall on the right.
Canal in Leiden with a structure on the water on the right and a drawbridge in the background.
A drawbridge over a Leiden canal, with a metal chain of bridge on the left side of frame.
Stern of a boat with coat of arms of Leiden and the city's name in capital letters on the boat's side.
Poem written in Greek on the side of a building in Leiden.
A street in Leiden with two women walking on the shadow side.


      • I love photographing early in the morning. There is nothing more beautiful than early morning light. I’m assuming you used a wide angle lens. 24mm?


      • Yes I did! Wow I’m quite impressed you guessed correctly. I still have trouble identifying the specific focal length used for a scene (I can tell if it’s telephoto or wide but that’s it).

        I could definitely benefit more from making photos early in the morning! But it’s rather hard 😕 and especially now when the sun rises at 05:22!

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