First Warm Weekend of 2019

Last weekend was the first properly warm weekend of the year, with temperatures going above 20 degrees (Celsius). It was a happy weekend, but also a bit of a strange one: while it was sunny and the sun warmed me up as I walked around, the wind was still a bit chilly. The result was that there were times when my back was getting toasted while my front was cold – so on average, I felt warm.

Apart from griping about inconsistencies in temperature, though, I visited the city of Nijmegen for the first time this Saturday past. I’ll write a post about it in time to come but for now I’ll say that I quite liked the city’s vibe.

In the evening, after returning from Nijmegen, I took a short walk in Utrecht. Many people were sitting and chilling on the grass, a sure sign that it had been a warm day. It almost felt like summer actually.


In the canal outside the newly-renovated Hoog Catharijne mall, one will see this large blue whale below. There’s an interesting story behind it as reported on the Utrecht University website. To pick some interesting information from said story, the whale is 11 metres high and made up of five tons of litter in the waters around Hawaii.

The artwork Skyscraper

The whale is an artwork entitled Skyscraper and was initially displayed in Bruges, Belgium. It was unveiled in Utrecht in January 2019 and will spend six months here before moving on to Paris and other parts of the world. (Read that article for more information.)

Also, stop throwing rubbish into the ocean. We don’t need more material for sculptures like this.

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