The National Stadium of Singapore

As a student I remember going to the National Stadium from time to time. I got to see events like the rehearsals for Singapore’s National Day parade and football finals being fought out between schools. But this was the old National Stadium, a stadium without a roof – and so God help you if it rained, which it often did in this part of the world – and long, wooden planks for benches.

At some point, someone had the good sense to realise that the stadium was getting a little old. This eventually led to it being demolished and rebuilt, giving us the new National Stadium, which according to Wikipedia had its official opening on 30 June 2014. There’ve been some improvements, too: the planks and open air gave way to individual seats and a retractable roof.

I’d never actually been to the stadium after its reconstruction, hence I thought it’d be nice to take the metro there and have a look see.

National Stadium in Singapore
Sign leading to the entrance level of the stadium from the Stadium MRT (metro) station
The retractable roof
A closer look at one of the supporting pillars (I assume it’s called a pillar)
The shaded entrance area, which is also a running track (track markings not visible in the photo)
A closer look at the big louvres (that’s what they remind me of anyway) forming a part of the exterior