Beyond Sushi and Ramen

When I talk to people in Europe about Japanese food, about the only items that are discussed are sushi and ramen. Sometimes sashimi is briefly mentioned, though often in the context of how gross raw fish is (it isn’t if the fish is very fresh, which is the point of sashimi). Otherwise Japanese cuisine = sushi and/or ramen.

While I enjoy a well-made serving of sushi or ramen, it is a bit of a shame to stop at only these two dishes. Hence, here are two of my favourite Japanese dishes that aren’t sushi or ramen.

The first one is katsudon, which is pork escalope served with egg on rice. It’s a very common dish and you shouldn’t trust any Japanese restaurant that can’t make this properly. (In my opinion at least!)

A bowl of katsudon with miso soup in the background.

The second is ebi tempura, which is just big prawns coated in tempura batter and fried. The same thing is also done with vegetables, such as the lady’s finger in this photo, and also with tapioca and sweet potato, among others.

Tempura prawn arranged on a weaved bamboo plate..

These two dishes are neither paragons of healthy food nor a vegan’s best friends, but they are delicious.

Very delicious.

Anyway for some context I had these earlier in the week at a Japanese restaurant in Singapore called Kyuubei (see featured photo above). It’s located at the Changi Village Hotel and opened not too long ago. The restaurant is also favourably featured in an entry on some food blogger’s website. Check it out if you’re ever in the area – there’s good stuff to be had at Kyuubei.