An Introduction to Estonia

Disclaimer: the featured photo in this post wasn’t actually taken in Estonia, but onboard a ferry docked in Helsinki, Finland. Still, it’s the idea that counts.

I present to you one of my two most-anticipated trips of the year! (You’ll have to stick around to learn the location of the second one, due to take place at the end of August.)

This turned out to be quite a special trip because (a) it was my first time in the Baltics, (b) I planned it much better than I did my previous trips and (c) I was able to meet some Estonians whom I knew previously and catch up with them. Regarding the second point, though – detailed planning makes such a big difference in one’s trip. I shall do this before every trip from now on.

And so, thanks to good planning, an openness to spontaneity and some very kind Estonian friends, I got to visit many more places than I expected. Over the next few weeks you can thus look forward to posts about the cities of Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and some nature spots in Tartu’s vicinity.

Within Tallinn I’ll write about the districts I explored and show that there is so much more to see in the capital than its Old Town. Kalamaja, Telliskivi and the Rotermann quarter, Kadriorg, Lennusadam – you’ll get acquainted with these soon enough!

As a bonus, I’ll share my learnings about the Estonian public transportation system so that your life will potentially be much easier when you do decide to visit this beautiful country. If you’ll be driving around, however, feel free to ignore the previous sentence.

By the end of this series of posts, you might even suffer from Estonia-fatigue. That would be a shame, so try not to get tired of this little Baltic country. But if you’re still raring for more, I could perhaps throw in an extra post about the food I enjoyed during my stay. (And believe you me, the food was excellent.)

Or not.

Come back here in a few days’ time. We’ll start with Tallinn’s Old Town and city centre.