Bratislava: UFO Bridge

Bratislava UFO Bridge

If you walk around Bratislava’s Old Town long enough, especially around the entrance gate area of Bratislava Castle, at some point you would notice a bridge with a peculiar disc sitting atop its two pillars. This is the UFO Bridge, also known by other names such as New Bridge (Nový most) and Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (the ‘uprising’ here refers to a Slovak insurrection against the Germans in 1944).

Finished in 1972, the bridge spans the Danube river and links the borough of Petržalka with the rest of Bratislava. The disc-shaped structure contains an observation deck and the bar restaurant watch.taste.groove.

According to this website, the fee for visiting the observation deck is €6.50 for adults, but if you wish to dine at the restaurant – and you’ll have to make a reservation to do so – there is no charge.

It’s mildly quirky to have a restaurant on top of a bridge with busy traffic, but I suppose this is what’ll stick in the minds of visitors long after their trip to Bratislava.