Every once in a while I look through my earliest photos from when I first picked up photography as a hobby. Quite often I cringe while staring at them, but on several occasions I also recollect the story behind specific images and reflect on how I’ve got better since then.

This photo is one such example.

At the time, I’d just been introduced to circular polarisers and read about how they help get rid of reflections. I wanted to see this for myself, and so I stood at a viewing gallery in Singapore’s Changi Airport and made this photo with the polariser attached to my lens.

As you can see from the image, there aren’t any glass reflections, and so the polariser worked. It would, however, take me a few years from that point on to properly learn how to use this tool (not helped by the fact that I practised photography sporadically).

Nowadays my polariser is my best friend when I’m out making photos in the summer (or when the light is extremely bright). It adds drama to my scenes by way of darkening skies and, as advertised, also gets rid of unwanted reflections.

But don’t use this filter when you want to shoot rainbows, though! You’ll only make them disappear.