Ticket Validator


It’s amazing that these machines are still in use in the 21st century.

In fact, this photo makes me think about how public transportation works in the German-speaking cities. For these cities, located in countries known for their engineering prowess, the fare system for buses and trains is quite antiquated.

Where we now have satellite and other electronic technology to bill commuters by the distance they travel (as is done in Singapore and the Netherlands), commuters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland pay by the zones they wish to travel to. Just to spice things up, one never really knows – at least I don’t – where in one city a given zone ends and another begins.

That said, I don’t envy the implementation of such a system in these countries. Since they are governed (con)federally, I wonder just how much effort it would take to get every state/canton onboard with implementing a digital transportation fare system.