Utrecht: A City in Flux


Many who know Utrecht would remember it for its compact city centre and its charming brick architecture from centuries ago. But the city is also growing and developing, and it’s really rather exciting to see these changes taking place.

From the expansion of the Hoog Catherijne mall next to the central station, to the development of Leidsche Rijn as a new residential district, this former Roman city is in no danger of being consigned to history.

Out of the four largest cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht receives the least international attention (in my opinion). It’s both a shame and a blessing that this is so. I think that tourists would enjoy the city’s compactness and the proximity of its centre to the central station. On the other hand, I like that the city hasn’t yet been inundated with tourists.

With all these changes taking place I firmly believe this city is a shrewd choice for an expat who’s thinking about moving to this country. I didn’t mean to end this post in the tone of an advertisement, but the fact that you can find everything you want here and also enjoy the benefits of having a railway hub in your backyard makes it so unattractive for me to want to move anywhere else in the country.

Happy Ascension Day!