A Weekend Castle Visit

Autumn is upon us!

And so, when some friends said they wanted to visit a castle in Germany at a weekend, I thought it might be fun and agreed to join them. Called Burg Eltz, this castle was located in Rhineland-Palatinate, a German state known for its many castles and vineyards (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

It took us over three hours before we could begin walking along a path towards Burg Eltz. In existence since the 1500s, the castle was surrounded by hills and, thanks to autumn, the trees were all in different colours. It was a very pretty location.


Even after half a millennium, the property remains in private hands. The present owner is a descendant of the Eltz family, which split into three separate lines and occupied different sections of the building.

We spent some time seeing the interior and doing a guided tour, and as we left we walked up a slope to get back to the carpark. The view of the castle only got better with elevation. Along the way, I got to see up-close the leaves that’d already changed colours.


Having left Burg Eltz we then made our way to our overnight halt – a hotel in the municipality of Kamp-Bornhofen. Along the way we saw many castles perched on hilltops and vineyards on steep hills, just as Wikipedia stated.


I went on a walk through the town to see what it was like. There were many traditional-looking houses like the one above, and the locale was pleasantly quiet. Situated along the Rhine, Kamp-Bornhofen appeared to also have had several run-ins with serious floods.


Furthermore, I noticed that red and yellow seemed to be quite a theme in this municipality, having seen them appearing side by side in several instances.


I think, for a trip I readily agreed to without giving much thought, this was quite rewarding. Pretty much all the destinations I visited this year have been overrun by tourists. Burg Eltz was no exception too, I suppose, but Kamp-Bornhofen was a welcome change from all that.


What a nice introduction to Rhineland-Palatinate!