Munich Walkabout

Apart from the food and attractions, Munich offered me the chance to get back into photography and practise my skills once more. It had been months since I walked around and made photos.

The Allianz Arena was a natural place to start, the stadium itself being full of curves and having an organic-looking shape.

But it wasn’t just the stadium that was of interest – the surroundings were quite cool too.


I saw these on the way back to the metro station. I’m guessing they’re storage facilities but still don’t know exactly what they contained.


I originally planned to visit the Arena early in the morning, but of course I failed and so was there at around 09:00. By the time I was done, it was close to 10:00 and the summer sun had risen quite high in the sky. Since there weren’t clouds, this meant the sun casted strong shadows – good news for me.


I spent much of my time aimlessly walking through Munich’s city centre. I wanted to photograph areas of light and shadow, so my initial goal was to make photos just before sunset. What I should’ve known was that by that time, the sun was too low in the sky and so the building were blocking it, meaning that the streets were all in shadow.

So I readjusted my schedule to make photos before the golden hour. That worked much better.


Not all the days were sunny with cloudless skies. Cloudy weather posed a different challenge. I’d actually made photos in cloudy weather before, but was so rusty that it took me a while to find my bearings again (this went on beyond my trip to Munich).


One day, just before dinner, I walked over a bridge where I saw people relaxing along the banks of the Isar river. What a nice way to spend the summer!


Munich was more of a ‘warm-up’ period for my photography. It got much easier to frame my scenes during my subsequent trips. These shall appear here in due course!