A Belated Christmas

Two weekends ago it snowed in Utrecht. The snow’s all melted now, but at the time there was enough of it to cover the ground and turn the city white. Seeing as snow doesn’t fall in Utrecht that often these days, I thought I’d stroll through the city centre and admire its scenes.


It felt as if we were back in December all over again, with Christmas around the corner. Except, of course, it wasn’t December and Christmas was two months gone.


At the Domplein I saw that someone took the liberty of making a snowman in front of the Domkerk.


The Pandhof of the Domkerk, where we had our photos taken after our master’s graduation ceremony, looked slightly different from the way it usually looks in June (which is when graduation was).


Of course the snow didn’t discourage people from going out on an afternoon walk, and in fact several people were out with their cameras.


Finally, while many might’ve taken their cars out for a spin, at least one person didn’t at this white weekend.


All this should’ve happened two months ago!