Meetup Photowalk in Utrecht, Part II

Having presented my favourite photos in the previous post, I thought I’d upload the rest of the photos that ‘made the cut’.

Despite the cloudiness, I was able to get the following shots at the flower market.




After leaving the flower market and heading towards Ledig Erf, we came across this door.


I wanted to post-process in black and white at first, but realised that a lot of why I like this scene has to do with the red door and its white arch – Utrecht’s colours. So I left it in colour and now I think I prefer it this way.

Close by was also this scene. I was wondering why one of the photographers was staring in a certain direction. Moving myself to the right just a little, I saw what he was looking at – the reflection of the Dom tower – and made the photo. I find it cool that, thanks to the reflection, there are now two towers in the frame.


We continued walking and I captured another one of those quintessentially-Dutch scenes: bicycles parked outside old and preserved houses, all alongside a cobblestone street.


On the fender of the nearest bicycle you’ll see a sticker with the letters ‘WB’ on it. This is the store that the bicycle was bought from (I got mine from the same store as well). Bicycle stores here do that all the time for advertising.

Whenever you buy a second-hand bike from them, the sticker’s there (because why would you spend all that money on a new bike?); when you send a bike to a store for fixing and it was bought elsewhere, they place the sticker over the other store’s to gain another free advertising board. Where I come from bicycle stores don’t even bother with stickers, so this was interesting for me.

Soon after, we came across another scene that’s reasonably common in this country. It usually occurs when someone’s about to get married and friends decide to do a little something to celebrate. (Guess who the bride is!)


At the end of the photo walk, the sun came out and, as previously stated, provided stronger directional lighting. I thought this park scene with its light and shadowy areas would be a good way to end the post.