Meetup Photowalk in Utrecht

At the weekend, I took part in an afternoon photo walk organised by the photography Meetup group in Utrecht. This walk was itself part of a larger worldwide photo walk event called Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2016, sponsored by – ugh – Canon.

The Utrecht group comprised more than just Canon users and we met at Neude, starting our walk at the flower market at Janskerkhof and finishing at Ledig Erf. We were encouraged to upload our photos and many did so on Flickr and Instagram. I’ve given up on the former and never really caught on to the latter, so my photos shall be found here.

The flower market is a lovely place to visit regardless of whether or not you have green fingers. It was challenging to make photos at first because it was very cloudy and the sun was hidden. But eventually things got moving and I snagged some shots, my favourite two of which are here.



Later in the walk, the clouds decided to move on and the sun came out. This gave us some nice directional lighting and I was able to get this shot somewhere near Ledig Erf.


The photo walk was fun. I got to practise shooting outside my comfort zone and it was nice to talk to the other photographers about stuff. If nothing else, it was nice to walk around the city centre on a Saturday.