Sunset in Sandoy

The nice thing about being this far north in the summer is that the sun takes its time to set. This means that sunsets involve long shadows and everything is bathed in a golden yellow light, which is rather nice. (Not that you’ll see this golden hue in this post since everything’s in black and white.)

Sandoy is one of the southern islands of the Faroes. Unlike its northern peers, though, its peaks aren’t as high. There are a few communities on this island. Skopun is the village that everyone first sees when they step off the ferry from Gamlarætt. Driving further on, one encounters villages like Sandur (which has sand dunes), Húsavík (not to be confused with the Icelandic town with the same name), Skálavík (which apparently has a nice hotel named, unsurprisingly, Hotel Skálavík) and Dalur.

When the sun does set, it doesn’t get too dark. In fact it isn’t really dark at all. The best part is it stays this way until around 03:00, when it starts to get bright again. If you’re in a room that hasn’t got good blinds, you’ll need an eye mask while sleeping. Falling asleep isn’t the main problem, as I first discovered in Iceland. It’s when you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s already bright and the light goes into your eyes. Then you won’t be able to fall back asleep, which means your next day is ruined.

Don’t ruin your next day. Get an eye mask.