Vestmannaeyjar 2015, II

The Westman Islands, or Vestmannaeyjar, are a group of islands off the coast of south Iceland. Only one island, Heimaey, is inhabited, and the main economic activity is fishing. Access to the islands is by ferry and light aircraft, although this isn’t always guaranteed depending on the weather (which, I was told, can get extremely rough).

As I mentioned in my previous post, Eldfell erupted in the middle of a wintry night in 1973. The town in Heimaey was partially decimated by the lava – one of the photos below shows a house that was devoured by lava during said eruption. Examples like this one can be found all over Vestmannaeyjabær (the town’s name).

The last photo was taken on the slope of Eldfell. In the distance, on the right, one can see a snow-covered peak where the glacier Eyjafjallajökull sits. The name should be familiar to anyone in Europe: The volcano under the glacier erupted in 2010, and the ash clouds forced many European airports to cancel their flights. Jep, that volcano.


Street leading to the harbour


The white blurry specks in the distance (on the right) are a colony of seabirds nesting and making a racket


House destroyed by lava during Eldfell’s 1973 eruption


View from the side of Eldfell, with Eyjafjallajökull in the distance